Skitch Clothing Tour Apr 13, 2009


Just got an email from Duncan about the Skitch clothing tour. It starts in Toronto on May 16th and snakes its way down through NYC and other East Coast cities.

Lookin forward to it Duncan!

  • what does this mean, these “tours”? what will be happening?

  • The Skitch team comes through certain cities, chills, and sessions with the locals. We are filming for the new Skitch team video aswell…

  • Skitch Clothing

    To clarify, we have put together a group of riders and will be putting a video together while on “tour.” Essentially we’re putting together a road trip video but by putting the dates out there early we are encouraging any locals that might want to ride with us to show up. More details will be coming very shortly so stay tuned to both Prolly’s blog as well as the Skitch blog.