Open Update Apr 3, 2009


Open is opening officially on April 11th in Boston. This is a big move for Zach and Josh and Regardless of the negative connotations with ‘track boutiques’ in major metropolitan areas, Open Bicycle is striving to fill a niche market.


How do you shake such connotations? You open a shop that focuses on the bicycle as a form of transportation and a work of art. Make a spot where people will want to hang out and learn about bikes, not just a shop where you feel unwelcome. It’s really important for a local bike scene to have a shop where you’re welcome to ask questions, work on your bike and soak in some of the knowledge.

Here in Brooklyn, Affinity has filled that niche and in Boston, Open is attempting to fill the same demand.

Open is also supporting the local art scene in Boston by forming the Chorus Gallery and Superbe Design. They’ll have different galley events and art openings throughout the year.



This isn’t a track bike boutique. Open also carries a line of internal 2 and 3 speed townies bikes a la townie bars, fenders and coaster brakes. Need a different kind of ride in your life? Talk to the guys there and they’ll help you out.


Keep Watch next week for future updates as events warrant. OPENing is April 11th!


I’m stoked for the guys. Build-out looks great.

  • These boys are my heroes. This shop is coming together wonderfully and I am so gosh darn happy for them.

    This aint no ‘mom & pop shop,’ nor is it a ‘snooty over-priced boutique,’ it’s just two awesome dudes who had a dream and are finally making it a reality.

    well done fellas, can’t wait for the 11th, it’s really going to be a fantastic night.



  • I live about a mile from OPEN and I am quite excited about it.

  • dp

    Open looks fantastic. Anyone with negative comments about opening a shop based on passion is a h8r, pure and simple. I love to visit shops and I’m lucky because I get to visit a ton of them. The ones I’ve really liked are the small ones (Cambridge, Chari, 20/20, Continuum, Veloshop, One On One, etc.). These are bike shops. The huge places with tons of lines, those are bike stores. There is a difference.
    Best of luck to Zach and Josh. Hope to visit soon.
    Good post JP.

  • hustlejr

    2 favourite bike shops

    Mellow Johnny’s (huge but amazing)


    Super Champion (another store that filled the niche)