Ollie Magazine Apr 21, 2009

Ollie Magazine ran a feature on Mishka, the Milwaukee Bruiser and Me in the new issue this month. There are a bunch of other NYC riders in the issue so be sure to pick a copy up!

Mishka in Ollie
Mishka and Empire in Ollie

  • yuri

    Prolly is not Ollie… magazine

  • nate c

    reppin’ hard for your sponsors; good work. when’s empire coming out?

  • Terry B

    (this has nothing to do with this posting, but…)
    I read this on another blog,
    “Oh yeah and when I go to SF, I’ll still “bomb” some hills on it.”
    Hit me up for the session if you do make it out here.

  • hl

    good for you!
    inclusive not exclusive.
    forward not backward.
    like your blog the most.
    wonder how much time you spend in front of a computer instead of being on a bike +)

    thanks & keep it up man!

  • erik