No Wait… THIS is a Friday Video Apr 17, 2009

Fail. Times Two. from Kris *lockedcog* on Vimeo.

Dude, wear a fucking helmet. This weekend when all the people are out on bikes. Remember to wear your helmet. Kids go off…

Sniped via Zlog

  • hahaha…harsh. Brad will never wear a helmet. Not to worry, he was aokay a couple hours after this.

  • dontcoast

    i love how in the beginning, they’re like “yeah cuz we won’t be slowing down”…
    then they are obviously slaloming with much backpedal pressure at the beginning of the ride (hence the car losing them)

    and how did he go down? hitting the curb cuz he couldn’t stop? that’s sure what it looked like

    if he won’t wear a helmet, he had better get a brake, or lay off the hills till he learns how to control that whip. and lay off the filming until then too, jeez. although that was very entertaining.

    “too fucking intense”= riding way outside your abilities = fail = pain

    thanks for posting, funny stuff

  • nick

    learn how to fucking stop. idiots!

  • Chris, talking in the beginning, was driving not riding…he ended up driving too fast losing the riders.

    Brad had just changed to small ratio and thus wasnt prepared to hit the hill…his feet got away from him and he went over his bars. Didn’t hit the curb (aside from rolling into it of course ha!). He’s safely traveled to the bottom of many a similar landscape.

    As for the filming…whats wrong with capturing fun times with friends? I was going to hold off on putting this up, but because it was so funny Brad insisted that I do something with it. This impromtu stop on the way to SF fostered a hilarious clip…and we shared it.

  • Bottom lines:
    -there’s nothing wrong with filming your friends having fun
    -there’s nothing wrong with wearing a helmet
    -there’s nothing wrong with eating shit
    -just make sure you’ve got a helmet on!

    Have a good, safe weekend guys.

  • agreed!

    and have a good one as well.

  • Ryan D.

    Dude, it’s

  • erik

    more.. intensity.

  • -there’s nothing wrong with eating shit

  • Dude this video was too fucking intense!

  • chris “the driver”

    in my defence…the objects in my mirror seemed closer then they appeared…all this means is that brad and joe have to go back and get the clip…which equals more fun…people just need to quit being haters…we’re all having fun including YOU…so enjoy life and have fun…it aint that serious….

  • dontcoast

    ok guess i was a jerk considering i did enjoy the movie…
    but why didn’t he turn at the bottom of the hill? i guess i just dont quite understand how he got tossed
    i do agree major change of gearing takes a bit of getting used to…dont hurt yourself by jumping into big stuff right after switching gearing

    happy riding