More Merckx Fashion Apr 1, 2009


There! You guys happy now? Sheeeeesh! Please, one thing I try to keep over here is a positive tone. No more hate ok? Please?

  • erik

    heyyy boyzz!

  • how do you like my ass in these shorts?

  • dontcoast

    dig those champ jerseys
    wish i could snag one of those anquetil hats
    no dislike (“hate”) on this one :)
    good find prolly

  • also, props on the positive tone here, it’s very refreshing compared to tracko/most online venues. sorry my dislike of certain color schemes was perceived as hate and bummed some people out

  • diegoTR

    i love this blog lol

  • erik

    And i just have to say, that Bic jersey colorwayyyyyy is dooooppe. hooray for colorwayyzz!

  • hustlejr[email protected]/3389824466/sizes/o/

    that’s the bike he’s riding in this photo.

  • that’s a Masi-built replica Travis…

  • Koga

    Yeah, us dutch people were there from the beginning! viva hollandia!