Montreal Edit Apr 26, 2009

Duncan Lewis from Five-one Fixed on Vimeo.

Duncan of Witchhunt just shot me an email with a Montreal edit he cooked up. Big drop at the end, so watch all the way through. Looks like a lotta terrain. I haven’t been to Montreal in years, maybe it’s time for a visit!

  • duncan

    DAMN right its time you came up….

    get Torey to double you!!!

    may is gonna rule, don’t miss out.

  • jeez that guy does sure does ride that bike somethin dandy!

  • is duncan riding one of those prototype vallie component hubs? curious how they’re holding up.

  • Duncan

    Hey Dave.
    I am riding a Vallie hub, So far its unfuckwithable, once you see one in real life you totally can tell its top quality and built to take abuse.
    its great.

  • Tom from Vancouver

    I need a shirt that says “Unfuckwithable” that’s awesome Duncan!