Mongolion Apr 9, 2009


Joel is the man. I met him through the NYC Fixed Gear scene after seeing his artwork everywhere. Eventually I introduced him to Mike and Greg at Mishka and since then, he’s done literally oodles of projects with them. From a giant Cyco Simon head, to a Boogieman and now he’s showcasing his latest design at their retail shop this Friday at 7pm.

The Mongolion has been posted here before and here’s its final incarnation. Pretty impressive man!

Via the Bloglin.

  • Andrew

    This guy is obviously really talented and has mastered his craft, but every time I see them I ask myself: Is there a market for these things? Who buys them? Is it kids who play with them, adults who display them as a conversation starter? I’m honestly wondering.


  • Lamour

    @Andrew. Yes, there is a market for these things as small as it is. Japanese vynil toy collectors mostly. This toy actually sold out in a matter of minutes at Super 7 last Saturday and the rest of their distribution sites so I guess there is an audience.
    Thanks John for the plug!