Milwaukee Cream City Apr 22, 2009

So I finally got around to building the Cream City track bike up. I had enough spare parts around that the build came out pretty classy. The wheelset was borrowed from my Merckx for the pic and will be replaced by a Profile and Velocity wheelset this week hopefully.

Build so far:
60cm Cream City frame and fork hand-built by Waterford in the US
-Phil HF SLR 36h 3x to Mavic OP CDs [front wheel is trashed still]
-Campy Record Cranks, Bottom bracket and NRecord Pista 49t ring
-MKS pedals / Dimension plastic clips / Toshi doubles
-C-Record Seatpost
-C-Record / Chorus headset [Contax model, no greaseport drillings]
-Cinelli Unicanitor [Old shell] – ripped off the torn up buffalo leather
-Cinelli 1a stem + pos risers / stolen grips

Haven’t really ridden it all that much. Since it’s raining, but it’s very similar to my Merckx’s geometry.

Click the image for full resolution.

Cream City

  • Andrew

    That turned up supa dupa classy.

  • Dude, you know you need drop bars on that. Seriously. Otherwise looking good.

  • diegoTR

    looks clean,i like that you consider c-rec’s “spare parts” lol

  • Meh. I have drops on my Merckx. Riding track drops in traffic sucks. I prefer Criteriums or even road drops to track drops for city riding. I plan to put pursuit / tt / bullhorns on this ride when I get the chance. .

  • Bliss

    Nice rig, how tall are you John?

  • About 6’2″ – 6’4″ with heels.


    I have a long inseam and long arms with a short torso.

  • Casey

    Seat post isn’t c-record, but still very cool.
    Also, good to know that unicanitor is stamped on the shell, maybe i can find a bombed out one for cheap.

  • Yep, you’re right… this one is chorus.

    This one on my Merckx is Corsa


    Yeah, you can get the Unicanitors for cheap. Even the beat up leather ones have a nice clean shell beneath.