Incase Quiver Apr 6, 2009


Chari & Co just got in the Incase Courier Collection.


I wanna check out that hip pack. If it fits my Topeak pump, I’m game!

These guys get in so much new shit, it’s mind-boggling!

  • nate

    80 bucks for that hip pack????

    thats almost as much as my bag. damn.

  • yeah, I saw that after the fact… A lil steep indeed. It’s also 10″ wide, so my pump won’t fit.

  • matts

    glad to see the hippacks coming back into style…that shit was so hot in the 80s/early 90s…i can’t wait for the neon colored ones…haha

  • CR

    The hip pack is pretty sweet looking, but expensive. Does anyone else out there make something like it, but maybe a bit cheaper? The lock holder is a nice touch.