Gameface Apr 27, 2009

As a continuation of the previous Kissena opening weekend post I made yesterday, here’s this gem I just came across. Psychopath Doc Stiles gettin his gameface on! This guy has been training all winter long… Can’t wait to see how the season pans out for Luke. Click on the image for full-resolution.

Courtesy of G Berger.

Kissena Opening Weekend

  • I had a nice rivalry with Luke during the weekend, but toward the end of the second day we realized that Al would need to beat him in the three-up match sprint final that Colin Prensky would almost certainly win; and I would have to win the Miss and Out, in order to be one omnium point up on Luke. It was not to be so – Al led out the sprint, Colin won and Luke took second, securing his place as second in the omnium. I took second in the Miss and Out to secure third though. Solid. A good weekend of racing – except for the injuries to my teammates of course.

  • hustlejr

    They’re all laughing cause of his hairy legs.

  • all shaving your legs does is make it easier to clean road rash.