Fixed on a Bike Apr 29, 2009

Fixed on a Bike from Walter Mayerhofer on Vimeo.

Digging the soundtrack and the playful use of colors. Some good tricks towards the end too. Enjoy! All the way from Austria.

Thanks Kyle.

  • yay! he’s riding a sword.
    I love mine.

  • ur a n8

    yay, he’s never gonna be able to pedal somewhere new to ride with his seat that low!

  • hfwido

    Yeah… Its too bad that there was so much going on that i couldn’t really focus, or understand certain situations in the edit. Its funny how people find it comforting to ride a slammed saddle, i think that its sort of odd, but at the same time, it makes some tricks a little easier. Everything is subjective.

  • stabilo

    rumpunting rum pun ting!

  • It’s ok Torey, I’ll tell the kid to talk for 2 minutes into the camera for his next video…


  • hfwido

    yeah, do that, its way more interesting to me than not knowing anything about what’s going on, especially with meager ass edit titles or descriptions … ha

  • Thanks for posting my edit!

  • Your welcome Walter, Torey, get over yourself.

  • Torey, there’s something a little better than meager titles and descriptions than having to talk for 30 seconds about why you decided to waste people’s time with a shit boring place to ride. Hopefully the shit boring riding in the video was a result of the spot which isn’t even remotely close to being called a spot. Deflate your head homie.

    This video is totally cool if nothing for the fact that it is coming out of Austria. I used to think it was a big deal how far things are spreading into the suburbs of the states let alone other countries.

  • paul

    hufweirdo, urkle, whatever you call yourself. i don’t know you but you seem like you think your hot shit. your not as good as you think you are in fact your painful to watch. your always putting your foot in your mouth too.

    i dont fixed freestyle, i ride my fixie to get around and i bmx to do tricks on and i hate watching fixed freestyle. there are maybe 4 people that are fun to watch and none of them are talking in there videos. this video is better than anything you put out.

    flame on.

  • ur a n8

    haha….this is pretty funny.

    Torey…..I think maybe you need an “time out” from the internet!

  • hfwido

    i think everyone took this too seriously, i cant even have a small opinion anymore. I never said that the edit sucked, i just made a small critique.

    Paul you don’t know me so i don’t really think that it is necessary to make false judgements, or to be rude. I dont think that Im anything, i just play around and try to have fun. The talking in the edit was just something that i thought would be interesting, sorry that everything has to be perfect, your way “fuck Torey”.


  • Carmel

    does anybody what song it is?