Fixed Fight 3 Recap Apr 21, 2009

Fixed Fight 3! – Trick Jam from Christian Ricca on Vimeo.


Fixed Fight 3 went down in Florida last weekend. Looks like a huge turnout and a lot of fun. I’m envious of the Southern spring time weather… Thanks for the heads up Pete! Also be sure to check out some more great pics over at PYP.



pics by TristanWheelock

  • Drew

    Is Tristan using film? Color looks phenomenal!

  • JEremy adams

    what an amazing weekend that was! ha bunch of ppl from orlando got unicorn tattoos to remember it….

    thanks for putting all this up on yer site

  • oneangrytoast

    not sure about the film, you could prob ask him. maybe florida is just THAT beautiful. ;)

  • Seamus

    no he is using a canon mark 2 5d with vintage glass. his saturation values are sick.