Financial District Apr 19, 2009


Andy took a ton of pics from yesterday’s ride. Including some of Torey’s attempt at 180’ing a 6 set. Kids got balls!

…and a set of bent bars with a bruised wrist.






  • Julian M.

    bangin photos, looks like a great day…. how those rims holdin up?

  • nice shots babe! love how the purple stands out in the last one..

  • steven

    what’s with your clip strap setup?
    one with clips the other power gripz

  • Good shit!

    Are those some prototype straps your rocking there? look like they might be velcro (like straps on a skateboard backpack)?

  • elliot

    you kids and your jumps. prolly, nordic viking on a bruiser, torey, the lost huxtable. Sick flics, going to NY in july to see japanther. we should all ride.

  • Ruffian

    John, Is that a new frame? The gusset between the head tube and down tube look different than the first prototype. If so, is that the actual production model or some mid prototype?

  • Different production model. The updated geometry protos will be here in a week…