Disrupt – The Bass Has Left the Building Apr 3, 2009


Like Foundation Bit, the new release from Disrupt [does he have a Myspace?], the Bass Has Left the Building features sci-fi blips, distorted robotic voices, elegant and playful bass beats and distorted drops / peaks in tempo. When I picked up Foundation Bit last year, it took me a bit to fully enjoy it for what it is. After a few listens, it really grew on me. Not sure if it was the sound clips from Alien [Ash’s last words] or the constant changes and shifts in sound. Regardless, the Bass Has Left the Building reads as a continuation from Foundation Bit, so if you like Disrupt’s earlier work, definitely check this out.

Head over to Last.fm to listen to the whole album for free.

  • swelltoe77

    very nice recommendation Mr. Prolly…digging it.

  • space-cliff

    I was wondering why I thought this sounded like dub-hexstatic.

  • this is the label he’s on Jahtari’s myspace http://www.myspace.com/jahtari
    more great artists on the label!
    many many links to buy tracks or download free mixes

    and you can read a lil more info on him (Disrupt) here