Damn Torey Apr 27, 2009

ABCity Spring Edit from hfwido on Vimeo.

You got clowned on the Come Up! The funniest thing about that is we were just talking about the Fresh Prince vs. Urkel debate yesterday.

Also on SJBMX

Don’t take it personally, any publicity is good publicity.

  • maybe him and wonka should do an edit together where they just, um, i dont know……JUMPALL OVER THE FUCKIN PLACE! big ups man!


  • damn … everyone is always so quick to hate.

  • Ryan C.

    Can someone tell me what an “Indian Givers” in BMX are? I’m really lost on this reference/trick name(?).

  • When someone 180’s clockwise and then immediately does another 180 counter-clockwise, thus “canceling” out the first 180.

  • Jaume

    You fakie back in the opposite direction from your 180

  • stoked

    it looks wank too.