Cream City Apr 14, 2009


Milwaukee sent me one of their Cream City track bikes last week and it just arrived. Not that I need another track bike, but I’m looking forward to riding it. The geometry looks a bit like my Merckx; not too steep and enough clearances for street tires.


I frame-saver’d it tonight and hopefully the fork will be in the mail soon. Parts are going to be a hodgepodge of C-Record and modern day, mostly silver with black accents. Profile hubs to Velocity Aero rims too.

I have to thank Sasha for the color recommendation


    how about you send me one. I could use a new bike bad.

  • tdhk

    Great looking color. I have a sneaky suspicion that our frames were at the painters at the same time. I I jus got it done Sunday. You be the judge:
    MKE Proto small
    Bianchi Green w/pearl coat

  • I sent Drew the paint code for this Porsche color

  • erik

    my “orange one” arrived at Affinity today. Nice color dude!

  • tdhk

    I think its funny because I plan on getting a production Bruiser in Prolly Purple with the cool grey fork. Well be brother then…hahah
    and BTW is Drew, Andy? He helped me with my MKE transaction.

  • Moneyfire

    Nice pick up on the Cream City, I’ve been riding one for about the last half year and I’m curious as to how you think it stacks up against the Bruiser.

  • tdhk

    MoneyFire,can you compare the two? bruiser vs cream city. Are they not built for two completely different uses?

  • Moneyfire

    I think there may be room for comparison. While there is a certain degree of specialized deviation in their respective geometry, I think there remains a great deal of commonality in their purpose such that a comparison might be apt. To say that a fixed gear made for tricks and one made for track racing are too far apart to be compared to one another stretches what in many ways is a minor distinction and creates a gulf where there may not be one. That being said, having not ridden the Bruiser or a similarly tailored bike I may be totally wrong and if so it would be nice to know that as I look to expanding my own quiver of rides.

  • charlie

    those badges really are the bees knees.
    go ‘sconsin!