Couriers from the 90’s Apr 28, 2009

10.Deep – Spring 2009 Delivery 2: Keep It Moving from 10 Deep on Vimeo.

Cue track bike @ :26 second mark.

Keep it Moving” is the new line from 10 Deep, which I touched on before briefly. It’s inspired by the NYC couriers of the 90’s and their mismatched wardrobes.

Funny, none of the couriers from this real photo shoot look anything like that. For what it’s worth, there’s nothing wrong with making clothing inspired by clothing, so I’m not hating, just found it relevant since I just posted David‘s pics earlier today.

Corima x 10 Deep

  • dontcoast

    i could rant, but i’ll stick to this:


  • ben

    I dunno, as far as companies that are giving back 0.0% (profits OR time) to cycling, I feel like the bandwagon is officially full. Maybe 10Deep sponsors races, maybe they have a team, maybe they make a limited edition something or other that’s applicable to cycling in some way, so I’m happy to eat my words if that’s the case.

    When this kind of stuff happens in skateboarding, fools get laughed out of the industry they’re trying to co-opt. Just saying, people who care will regulate this kind of dumb shit.

  • ben

    Sorry, one more observation – Is it a statement that every person in the shoot has their pants rolled up, or has shorts on OTHER than the guy with the bike? Coffee walks? Chewed Selvage Chic?

  • hfwido

    was that Sean at 28?

  • mike

    i’m a courier from the 90’s, didn’t wear any of this crap. a video of a photoshoot of a clothing co copying bike mssnger clothes that aren’t bike mssnger clothes. do you know what bike mssnger clothes ar? clothes. shit is sooooo stupid.

  • dontcoast

    those 10deep peeps better start donating 10% + of their profits to the bike messenger emergency fund as an apology for being full of crap. then i wouldnt mind at all.