Chukker Apr 6, 2009


After all the trouble I had looking for rims that held up to the kinds of abuse we’re putting on them, Velocity has answered the call.

My Deep Vs have been through hell and somehow, they’re still rolling. The only problem is, they aren’t wide enough for wider tires. A 35c rolls off the bead with no hesitation. Now, with the Chukker, it looks like I’ll be able to run even bigger tires.

Good job guys!


Now the real test is if they’ll hold up for Wonka… Every other spoke on his rear wheel has stress fractures like this, indicating rotation and pressure given on the same side. Pretty impressive. I’ve never seen this before. Even on mine. But then again, I’m not 180 bunnyhopping 7 stairs.

  • Javier

    What’s wrong with 29er rims? Am I missing something here? I know they’re not all deep and colored and cool looking, but there are plenty of strong rims out there that can take wider tires and have a million miles of trail testing behind them.

  • Terry B

    Thank you Velocity, it’s about time someone answers our call.

  • Javier,

    Chances are, if you name some 29’r rims, I’ve broken them. 29’rs aren’t meant to take great amounts of lateral stress. They almost all taco. So far, the only one’s I’ve found that’ve held up to the abuse are the AlexG6000’s, which I’m riding now. Been on them for 3 weeks and no cracks or hops.

  • Andrew

    I don’t know about everyone else, but a 29″ rim wouldn’t fit on my track bike. This is obviously a very welcome new option for those who are abusing their rims.

  • andrew… 29r = 700c… the width of most 29r rims is around 25-28mm wide

  • matt

    If your frame has clearance to run a 35c or larger tire, then it will also have clearance to run a whole selection of 29er rims. 29er rims in fact are designed to take lateral stress, more so than any “beefy” road rim. If you claim that 29er rims aren’t designed for lateral stress, then you’ve clearly never been mountain biking in your life.

  • Matt,

    I was mountain biking long before I was riding a track bike. Trust me on this… Mountain bike rims / 29 rims are ridden with very wide tires. This definitely helps absorb the stress.

    If you claim that 29r rims will hold up better, then clearly you’ve never messed up a 3 tap or 180’d stairs on them. They’re not strong enough. We need width + depth on a street fixed gear. I was convinced before that 29rims were the answer, but after wrecking so many, I’m stoked to see how these Velocity’s hold up.

    I’ve mentioned before that the Alex G6000’s have held up great. No complaints there. They’ve held up better than any other 29 rim. They’re also 25mm wide and 33mm deep. Very similar to the Chukker.

  • Low pressure fat tires take quite a bit of lateral stress from the rims; not to mention that dirt is more forgiving than pavement “hook up”.
    Even with that said, I have known more than a couple of people that have folded 29er rims on the trail.

  • might have to invest in some of those for my polo bike…

  • MightyChin

    I hear that they make special bikes now for doing of tricks. I think they are called BMX bikes?


    haha prols…. Wonka’s rim is insane. The real answer is someone needs to throw him a new set of rims every other month or so.

    That velocity rim is the one they are marketing for bike polo?

  • Prolly does his homework… and then some.
    Where is your well known blog for a reason?
    Velocity is killing it!

  • Velocity wrote me an email about a month ago asking what was more important to fixed gear tricksters, width or depth. The B43s are 43mm deep. It’s really tough to find a 60mm valvestem that comes in 35c tubes. I told them that width + generous depth is important…

    Their Chukker is an old MTB deep v, reappropriated for 700c…

    I betcha they’ll be beasts!

  • choad

    what are the advantages of a box rim over a Deep V

  • Kenny

    “60mm valvestem that comes in 35c tubes”

    valve extenders

    no more b43? /:

  • Tom

    Anyone here used the Kris Holm 29er rim and compared it for strength against the chukker?