Chater Lea Apr 8, 2009

When I was looking for parts for my Higgins, I had the opportunity to buy a set of Chater Lea cottered cranks with CL sprint pedals. It was the opportunity that only comes around once in a great while and I passed on it.

They truly are one of the most beautiful cottered cranksets ever made. This most recent post to Fixed Gear Gallery just warmed me right up. David Cooper’s R.O. Harrison is done proper.

  • Tracko

    Those are the worst!

  • You’re crazy. Why? with proper pin-installation, it won’t come loose. Besides, no one is riding their vintage 1950 cafe / path racer on the street daily.


  • dontcoast

    those are the worst…for prolly’s style of riding :)

    but damn thats a beautiful piece of metal.

    thanks for linking that fixed gear gallery post too, it’s amazing. i haven’t looked at that site in years and years but under the piles of crap and quality but dull bikes, there’s still gems that shine through.