Cellular Walls Apr 10, 2009


I’ve been looking into more and more modern-day track builds as of recently. It seems like a level of precision and craft has been achieved as of late due to the growing trend in track bikes. It makes you wonder, would these guys be pushing the aesthetic envelope like this if track bikes weren’t so popular? This track end reminds me of a cell wall found in plant cells. Nicely done.

Vanilla kills it with their Speedvagen bikes.

  • What’s amazing about those ends is that (I believe) that they end up being cased in, so the effort is more for structure than aesthetic. I almost wish that they left them open because they look so incredible! Then again, what am I wishing for? I’ll never own a Speedvagen…

    There is a video of Sascha talking about those track ends at NAHBS floating around somewhere… I’ll see if I can dig it up.

  • Whoop! There it is!


  • Andrew

    Agreed, Sasha makes some of the most beautiful bicycles on the planet, and he definitely spared none of that talent on his new tarck bikes. I’d be really interested in seeing a finite element analysis for that track end, I’m sure it’s near perfect.