BIG Apr 3, 2009


Lyle just posted a crazy story on Vallie Components. I’m not even going to get into it… Read it here!

  • fugly

    thats pretty amazing if its true.
    rad story.

  • chris

    motherfucker, and i can’t even clear the 4 stair in the park!

  • fugly

    hey wait… maybe i missed it… but did this guy go down or power through the bent fork/crippled wheels and roll away?

  • iansmash


  • hfwido

    The links didn’t work for me…

  • link fail. fuck, i want to see!

  • dunno, I guess Lyle’s site is down.

  • Morgan went down. Total yard sale.

  • hustlejr

    Funny because only hours before I found out about this, I told him that I thought he would go through more than a few parts on his bike before the hub shows even a little wear!

    I guess I was right.

    If this was on video then Morgan Taylor would become a household name.

  • wilis

    Wait for empire to drop..

  • Outta control!