Andel Track Cranks Apr 16, 2009


These new Andel track cranks look like a less expensive version of the Omniums I’m riding. They also come in black! I think Outboard BBs systems with big, thick-ass axles may be what we’re looking for. They also have a proper track Q-Factor.

Suggested retail should be about $160



Milwaukee just got these in stock. No branding and $164!

  • These look real solid. I could get past the big branding all over the crankarms, I wish i could get my hands on a set and beat the crap out of them for a while haha

  • Nadel cranks are generic ones and are the same as these: they are also only $99 from alien!

  • Phil, do you know what an Outboard bottom-bracket is? Those Alienbikes cranks are square tapers.

    Look closely at the two… what difference do you see?


  • Julian M.

    that chainring is beastly!!

  • nate c

    looks like outboard versions of the all-city cranks.

  • Oh crap, didn’t take my time to read closely!
    Anyway I have the previous version with squaretaper, super strong

  • tdhk

    whats the chainline on that thing?

  • jo

    These have been sold in the UK for a while with Planet X branding. They’re not the lightest but very, very stiff, and good value.

  • The All-City cranks are the same template as the Andels. These are a 42mm chainline, just like the omniums, are stiff as hell and durable. I’ve done some big gaps on them and they still spin great!

  • jeff

    Something people should know about this crankset: I’m fairly certain that they require a proprietary Bottom Bracket. They are not compatible with Shimano or any other external bearing bottom bracket systems that are readily available in the U.S. market. Once you buy these cranks you are locked into the proprietary Andel system and if in a year or two from now they are no longer on the market, you’ll be S.O.L if you’re bottom bracket goes.

    something to consider.

  • How did you find that out? I don’t think that’s accurate. Andel said it’ll be fine with DA / other BBs…

    and in a year or two, chances are, you won’t be riding the same cranks. But, that being said, the Omniums / Sram and Shimano systems aren’t “compatible”… but they do work together.

  • FSA and Shimano BB compatible – confirmed…

  • jeff

    I stand corrected. I was given incorrect info.

  • craig nasty

    the planet x ones arent branded. just plain silver anodised…

    and the folk in our warehouse know them as on-one external bb track cranks…

    more info:

  • N1G

    I just bought these and put them on my T1 today. I had some road cranks with the external BB and I liked them. instead of stepping up to the omniums I bought these. so far so good I like the look and they are really stiff. I will probably post some reviews in a month or 2 on bens cycle.

  • FWIW, these sucked. Horrible. If you’re going to go with an external BB, go with a SRAM Omnium.

  • chris

    How come they sucked?