9 Cities Cycling Caps Apr 8, 2009


Urban Velo hits the nail on the head. These are really bad ass. Can’t wait to get ahold of the NYC skyline one!

  • I knew you were gonna catch that!!!

    Yeah, we’re still working on the descriptions for our store, but they’ll be online tomorrow (Thursday, April 9th).

  • Andrew P.

    They should do one for Vancouver. We just had a mega tall building built (almost distinctive from an architectural perspective), and you can draw mountain silhouettes in the background! Or, they should sell blank ones and we’ll do it in whiteout.

    I like the idea.

  • D.Matt

    No D.C. or Baltimore?! :(
    Rad hats though…

  • beefoven

    I already have a hat like that, it’s got the skyline of Sweat City. Any other color options?

  • hiromi