Worse than Andy’s Mar 16, 2009

Nicks Fail from Christian Meldrum on Vimeo.

Another grom going down. Yikes!

Sniped from Zlog

Kids, wear a helmet… come on.

  • kale

    oh shit ow

  • ZOMG!!! OUCH!!! … Give it up for trying though.

  • I keep watching it over and over. Worse than Nate’s Suburu woof in Macaframa.

  • catfish

    i cant figure out what happened? pants caught in the chainring?

  • headbandana


  • his right leg touched the handlebar causing him to turn left? it think whats what happened

  • space-cliff

    I think that kilo’s back wheel popped out.

  • I think he crashed his bike and fell.

    Looks like that hurt.

  • toaster_cake

    I commented on one of these kid’s videos saying “learn to skid right” and they took that as an offense and starting blasting my video, I had for a mere test. I was only giving them constructive criticism! Skidding like that is dangerous…

  • krillz not crack

    coulda been me.