The Future ain’t what it used to be… Mar 10, 2009


Tony has continued posting his series entitled “The Future ain’t What it Used to Be” over at the Bootleg Blog. Go over and read up as he backtracks a bit to the first Peel Sessions competition!

Part 2

Part 1.5

Part 1

  • wilis

    Back then…. jason was killing it on a yammaguci pursuit track frame check my flickr. wheeling around the same park tony approched me and asked if he could come ride with tom and I on a pake with white deep v’s asking how many pogo’s I could do. the next day tom was showing me how to do leg through the frame skids and im from the west coast! Back then everything so ground breaking with very little reference point. Great write ups t bone im proud to be your friend along with the whole gang.