Suicide Nose Mannie Mar 27, 2009


Zach from Open just shot me an email with these this pic attached. A no-handed nose manual. I wanna see video of this!

  • Aww This is SICK!!!

  • MaximumMatt

    I did this once, only I ended with my face on the pavement.

  • Aren

    it is a good thing that photos stop only a specific moment in time.

    this is sick.

  • Tracko

    What is wrong with his seat?

  • sam allgoood

    yo theres only one pic!

  • that was one of the worst ideas I have had in a long time…but well worth the couple I rode out. And nothing wrong with the seat, except I was on my boys 56 pursuit with the seat dropped on the top tube and I ride a 52..