Splurt Mar 11, 2009


Been meaning to post this S700 build because the kid is sure plugging the hell out of it! Literally, he plugged the BB drain hole!

Looking like the batch of protos were sold off. Some promising builds coming up I’m sure. Let us know your thoughts. I know it’s a “first” in the fixed gear world, so I’m sure it’s a new experience for everyone. I can’t wait for the new protos to come out. It’s only going to get better with time.

From a recent email with Drew at Milwaukee, it seems as though we have an official name for the S700… more to come.

  • scissorneck

    i pluged the gyro mount holes too, cause when i got the frame and put the headset in and sprayed some frame saver in the gyro mount holes came right thru my 130$ headset so i thought what if that was water running thru my chris king so i pluged the holes in the headset and top tube and that little one at the bb

    Ps i love the smell of bondo.

    good looking P…..

  • You’re supposed to frame saver the frame before you put your headset in man!

    The BB hole is a drain. You need that! Most bikes have a drain hole in the BB shell. Better than moisture gathering in your shell and rusting it out.

    You’re over-thinking the hole thing [heh], Bikes get wet, not a big deal. You gonna plug the hole in the bottom of your steerer too?


  • chris

    All that attention to details and his saddle looks like a see saw.

  • kpop

    framesaver will not go in your headset. it may run thru the big hole in the middle of it though.

  • Snarff

    He said your saddle looks like a see-saw son!! SNAP!

  • man, that paint splatter looks dope. If only more peeps would paint their bikes that way.

  • I’m sure he adjusted his saddle post-photo. I agree, the paint job looks great. Well done.

  • Snarff

    Overall a sick ride, too bad its below zero today in MPLS. Anyways, S. Neck is a creative cat that likes to meow all over town.. Look for him!!

  • vin-E

    Too fresh…. too fresh…..

  • scissorneck

    i did do frame saver first i just was seeing what would happen if water went in there..

  • scissorneck

    ok guys/prolly… I did plug the headset holes. i did frame saver it before the build, i just sprayed it in the hole for a sec to see how it would run thru the headset..And i did NOT plug the bb hole.. the seat is like that cause when i ride no handed wheelies I like the Lean it gives thanx for the love keep ur eyes open for the vids coming in spring….


  • scissorneck

    oh my bad i saw that I wrote I pluged that bb hole

    SIKE I didnt plug it I was going to plug it but i never did it…..

    sorry my bad for all the posts just dont need peeps talking and making it a discusion about pluging those hole just did the mount holes