Proper Aero Mar 20, 2009



These Icarus Aero bars are fucking proper. I’d never heard of Icarus until Jody moved to NYC and was riding around his bent ST custom track bike. Now it seems the guys at Open got a fresh look Icarus’ newest project…

So nice. Definitely a throwback to the 3Rensho pursuit bars of the 1980’s.

  • btw – these things are in the mail and will be in Jody’s hands within a few days

  • Those are also very similar to Naked Bikes aero bars:

  • Such lovely vinyl siding you have too!

  • allen

    Damm, sexy bars! These would look proper on my curvy tubed 3rensho tt!!!!

  • riothero

    Hell yeah, they look like something batman would rock. My bike is all matte black too.. I’m wiping my drool.

  • No Name

    The angle of attack on that foil is somewhere around -20°, meaning that they convert aerodynamic drag into down force. Bikes don’t need down force. 0° angle of attack is aero. The handlebar is concave while the human palm needs a convex or flat grip.

    To summarize: These Icarus bars are unaerodynamic, unergonomic and ugly as fuck. I.e. complete bullshit.

  • Aname

    ^ hey no name. These aren’t made to be more aerodynamic than a normal bar. As for a concave grip, you know there were drop bars made with this bend for decades before the ergo style bends came around right? They are a one-off concept design by a small builder for fun.

    to summarize: you’re a douchebag.