Preorder the MKE Bruiser NOW! Mar 31, 2009


Milwaukee just announced their pre-order has launched for the MKE Bruiser. Make sure to read everything on the page, rather than asking questions here. Trust me, they’ve spelled it all out for you!

Can’t wait till the new frames are in. Mine’s held up lovely.

  • Just placed my order. So hyped!
    Still trying to decide how I’m going to build it up. Especially crank-wise…

  • jeremy

    why does the fork still have mounts for brakes? thats terrible looking!
    shave your fork… and your ass

  • Because it’s important to have the option for brakes. Sorry.

  • jeremy

    yes i always forget about liability. damn .

  • Carter

    i have to get my grades up before i can order mine :(

  • i just hope they dont sell out before i can afford one. my guess is they might…

  • erik

    fuck the bruiser!!! its’ all about the ORANGE ONE. just kidding, but i still can’t wait for my orange one. tee hee! PARTY.

  • AusMax

    Props to MKE on the site. It seems 100% fool proof. I’d think about getting one…but my steamloller is still running strong.

    The frame looks nice.

  • iProMesa

    Can’t wait for just the fork orders to throw on my IRO mark V