New Feetbelts Design Mar 25, 2009


Check out the new designs from Feetbelts. Their store is live people! End the toeclip battle.

  • these were top secret?

    +1 for power grips on steroids!

  • no… i’m riding something different

  • Jeff

    Been riding with a pair of feetbelts on my bike for 2 months now and I love ’em. They’re half the price of power grips and twice as durable.

    Robster craw

  • you know, honestly I’ve been wearing these for about 2 months now and will be taking them off as soon as I get those plastic double gate cages in. They’re great, yes, but for bailing on tricks and needing your foot to release quick, it’s not the easiest thing to do. I can equate some major knee contusions to these things working “too good”. I ended up shaving off the little nodes on my bmx pedals to help with quick release, but my foot still gets stuck. Great idea, maybe perfect for some, but I’m going back to cages. Also, powergrip hardware sucks balls, so I had to rig my feetbelts to the bmx pedals, which worked well, but they really should make their own hardware.

    sorry guys. i love em and how they look but they’re just not that great … yet!

  • ahhh …. okay, they have new hardware! awesome … who knows, maybe it’s just me and i suck.

    new color combos are hard.