More on the PAM Front Mar 31, 2009




Available now at Goods Seattle and other PAM stockists. REALLY feeling these pieces.

  • Wow. This is total Japanese styled poser shit. I expect better from the voicebox of the new swagger.

  • you can’t be serious. PAM’s always on point! The Merckx shirts are classic!

  • dontcoast

    can’t say i like those colors at all.

    oh. excuse me- colorways *cough*

  • Andrew

    These tees are sick. Where can I pick one up online? I think Goods only had them in-store.

  • Andrew

    dontcoast: Bikesnob already made fun of John’s use of the word ‘colorway’. You’re not original, you’re not funny, and you’re barely topical.

    Jesus, I’m usually the one bringing the haterade, for once I’m actually digging some of the clothes you post and everyone else brings it.

  • colorway is the appropriate terminology when referring to clothing.

    I might add that the Blue in the Merckx shirt is the same blue as my Merckx gloves:

    and I have a Campagnolo jacket that is strikingly similar to the one they used as a model…

  • erik

    Japanese? PAM is Australian. Just sayin. PAM is always on point indeed.

  • dontcoast

    oh, ouch andrew. *boo-hoo* jeez, just stating that i think the word colorway sounds really silly and pretentious, and that i strongly dislike glaring neon colors. that’s opinion, not hate. hate would be something like “ya fokin fixi fag queers wearz gay ass colors” a la the come up.

    prolly – i’d be happy to hear why “colorway” is more appropriate than just “color(s)” for clothing. feel free to shoot me an email if you have time.

  • Like calling a bicycle saddle a seat and vice-versa. Are we really discussing this still?


    these colors aren’t neon by any means. The blue is, as stated above, the same blue used in a lot of Merckx attire!

    Besides, I have much more garish road attire.

    There, how’s that for loud?


  • liking those shirts!

  • Clayton

    dontcoast, Andrew called you “barely topical”. I think you just got sonned.

  • jo

    For what it’s worth the Campag rip-off is class. I’d love one.