Martyn Great Lengths Mar 9, 2009


Martyn, the Dutch dubstep producer just released another full-length entitled Great Lengths. I’m a big fan of the Dutch electro scene as long as it’s not the Rotterdam-native genre, gabber. Martyn’s label 3024, which now seems to be based in DC is growing strong and this album is a great addition.


Great Lengths picks up dubstep where 2562 and Appleblim left off last, combining more positive dance tones to a genre often littered with dark and deep beats. Whereas D1, Coki and Loefah summon basslines that will make your stomach reverberate and ears bleed, Martyn creates beats that overlap to create a complex musical scenery. Almost Detroit house-esque in some senses but with broken beats and dubstep basslines along the way.

Eindhoven, his hometown and Rotterdam, where he lived for 5 years greatly influenced this album. Eindhoven was the stronghold for Chicago and Detroit house in Holland around the early 90’s. Since then, Rotterdam and the Hague have begun to pick up on the house scene and artists like Legowelt have been pushing it for years.

Bottom line, get this album. If you’re into electro, house or dubstep, you won’t be disappointed.

  • Also nice Erosie artwork!

  • Agreed. That remix that Martyn did for Flying Lotus is SO GOOD:

    And don’t hate on Gabber, embrace it! Release your inner Dutchness!

  • Rotterdam Terror Corp was an experience, I’ll say that for sure. I’m a huge Legowelt fan. Really dig his collective catalog. 2562’s album is getting heavy rotation as well at the moment. Ever since Dubstep Allstars 6, I’ve been getting more into it and Pinch’s Underwater Dancehall. Two albums I didn’t like when they first came out.

    Now slowly growing on me.

  • space-cliff

    proper, proper

  • mh

    I thought 3024 only had Martyn and 2562 releases? It’d be great if those others were signed there, but I’m not sure that’s the case..

  • Woops! Misread an article. My bad!

  • whoa dude i didn’t know you were into bikes AND good music. way to go. the only people i know who are into this shit are other dj’s. nice.

  • tomas

    oh people, dont download!buy it!!!support this guy.cant believe how some1 can love this stuff, on other hand is grabbing it for free.

  • PLEASE BUY THIS INSTEAD WHEN IT DROPS. Martyn please sort it out and get it released quick-step !!!

  • I always buy my music. Especially when I really like the CD. Once this drops, I’ll be purchasing it for sure.

    I’ll delete the above comment with the download link.


  • craigar

    awesome. im gutted that i had an oppourtunity to listen to it front to back but there we go, i feel good in my heart for not DLding. that makes it still, the most anticipated album for me, ever !

  • Nice album. Boommkat are doing pre-orders for £6.99 for those of you that do buy your music.