Lazy Sunday in Philly Mar 3, 2009

Untitled from Drew Leshko on Vimeo.

I was talking to Tony about Drew’s new video. Thinking about how these tricks would have been in Bootleg Sessions 1 easily. At that time, a few would have been new on a fixed gear. The slider is definitely one of the better transition tricks and thanks to Sam Miller, everyone’s doing them now. The progression can’t die off. Especially after seeing what Wonka, Dre [Bootleg 3] and others are pulling off.

Keep it up guys!

  • seriously, it’s been amazing to watch. the progression has been completely organic. the mind boggles to imagine where we’ll be in a year.

  • i love how the form of the freestyle bike is progressing, as well. it’s awesome seeing these videos and riders influence the way that people are setting up their bikes, ad how that in turn is influencing the style of riding.

    that song is dope, too.

  • I dig this video. Smooth style and one of those few big-forked bikes that I like the look of.