Knicks Fixed Mar 5, 2009


Thanks to Simon at Hipster Nascar for the heads up on this one. NY Knicks-inspired Smeeze fixed gear shirt.

Never been a huge basketball fan, but this shirt is pretty great…

… and Simon, no, you can’t say Jawn unless you’re in Philly!

  • kidsire

    pretty dope!

  • TOM

    These jawnskies are sick, and I don’t even follow sports. Still a huge fan of the old punk/hc rip offs.

  • Fine! I’ll redact jawn… for now.

  • “Never been a huge basketball fan,” John you are officially banished from NC. When are these shirts going to be available? Nothing on the smeeze site.

  • space-cliff

    sheeeeeit homies tryna front on deez jawns.