KAWS and Livestrong? Mar 8, 2009


I go to Philly for the day and this happens? Looks like KAWS, the artist who’s work has literally blown the hell up over the past few years did a collaboration with Trek (do they even know who he is?) to paint Armstrong’s Livestrong bike.


via Supertouch Art

  • nickinwi

    it was done on his tt bike already, iirc. and it was stolen.

  • austin

    Did you see the Barry McGee bike? Quite baller.

  • pretty slick. lance has had some interesting things on his bikes for years with what we all used to call “underground” artists..haha. i remember him having some futura art on one of his tour bikes some years back. 2004, 2005? somewhere around there. i think that was more of a nike thing. i doubt lance is actually “down” but someone in his camp surely is. i’m sure he has a nice young thing hanging out making the connections…ha.

  • tony

    Na don’t hate lance is way down I follow him on twitter and he’s always going to art shows and he’s in to really good music he is a super down guy he and nike both picked futura for that 06 bike. that berry McGee bike was done for RVCA.I was pumped on that cause it was done just ahead of the curve