Justin Av Mar 6, 2009


Looks like Justin got his Milwaukee up and running. It’ll be interesting to hear his feedback! Looks good dude!

Pics via Zlog’s Flickr.

  • Sam

    Awesome!! Glad to see he got hooked up!

  • Thanks again John. I rode Justin’s MKE around last night and that thing is sturdy.

  • Yes! Perfect for Justin… when you gunna come check up on him?

  • He’s moving to NYC right? I guess then! OH SNAP.


    Man, if I could afford to take time off from work and travel around this summer I would. This economy sucks and I’m lucky to have a full time job.

  • yeah…
    hopefully I’ll be out for BFF again!

  • scissorneck

    i wanna know how he gets his legs outta those jeans…its nice to see a nother justin with a mke……….bff.

    http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/3323768830/

    thanx steve and drew……..


  • Justin Av

    thank you to everyone that helped me, and thanks to John, Zach, Shuji, and MKE (Drew) for hookin me up!
    I already have fallen in love with the bike. its amazing