GOrilla Mar 17, 2009


Ed Wonka got hooked up with a Gorilla yesterday. He’ll be riding their new handbuilt trick bike. Good job kid!


I snapped a pic of it at Affinity yesterday.

  • Terry B

    this bike looks good. I just wish it had gussets.

  • Tracko

    I hate to say it but that thing doesn’t look half bad.

  • Yeah, questioning the curved DT. The ST being curved doesn’t do anything either. You still wouldn’t hit it with the wheel pulled all the way forward.

    It feels beefy, so I’m sure it’ll hold up!

  • Julian M.

    dare I say it is (visually) more appealing than the MKE? I’m sure its predecessor holds up better but this looks more of a “track” than “trick” bike.

  • hybrid

    why wont anyone say it? it looks like a hybrid. long rear slack front. ugly. tarck bike. at least the mke looks like it’ll last longer than one bunny hop. that fork will break in a day.

  • Don’t worry it’s not the final fork !

  • say what?

    I ran into this kid the other day at continuum and saw this bike, and chatted a bit about it. it seriously looks pretty incredible in person. the best looking “trick” track bike I’ve seen. i’m glad you didn’t dimple the chainstays!