Fyxomatosis and Milwaukee pt.2 Mar 29, 2009


After snapping the Campy BB, Drew at Milwaukee had the idea to try out the SRAM / Truvativ Omniums. I’ve ridden them before, on my Concept and was always impressed with the stiffness of the cranks in general. My only concerns here are the outboard bottom-bracket’s bearings getting pitted quickly, but we’ll see. Rode them a bit today and no complaints!

Plugged the Fyxomatosis 144BCD ring onto the new Milwaukee STOUT stout I got a bit back and the pairing looks like a battle ax!

Check out some more here.

  • Proooooooper

    What is the axle made off? FE?

  • Holding off on the profile cranks still?
    I’m trying to decide how I’m going to build up my Bruiser. I’ve been riding DK bmx cranks, but have been thinking of trying something different out…

  • DBR

    won a pair of those cranks last month, they’ve been treating me great as well, no flexiness at all. I do rub my ankles on their fatty spindle sometimes as I ride, but that might just be ‘cuz I’ve got bad form. Looks super cool with the grind guard on there. I’ll be interested to see if you can break it, and if so where.

  • chris

    awesome, now give me the other chainring guard!

  • grumpy old man

    I thought about that as you posted that square tapers are not working for you. I ride those Omniums and they are great super stiff paired up with my new All City chainring. Hopefully they stand up to your abuse as I dont ride like you but i am no skinny guy either.

  • Julian M.

    ahh…. those are the cranks i’ve been wanting for a while, it’s gonna hurt me when you break them in half!!!!
    true story though, looks like you can kill someone with that thing.

  • say what?

    I ride these too, and love em’. I will second the comment about the beefy crank arms – for a few days I noticed a squeak which I was alarmed was the BB. Nope. Just my outsole rubbing against those big arms. Good luck with it…

  • grumpy old man

    how did the Omnium’s work out for you John? are you still rocking them?

  • holding up well. still riding them.