Fiyah Mar 4, 2009


Starfuckers look like they’re in production with their trick bike. In case you haven’t seen the old Yetis from the 1980’s, this shape isn’t unprecedented. It is however most likely the first time someone used it on a track frame though. It’ll be interesting to see if people have the same problems with the Starfuckers frames as they did with the Yetis.

Bottom bracket sway.

  • Andrew

    That is seriously ugly, what are they thinking? And what the hell is up with the angle of the track ends?

  • looks like it was made of a couple bmx frames. fugly.

  • sc hu yl er

    Weird how, depending on your chain length/tension, the angle of your ride would change..

  • wilis

    Its seems like a moped, its fun to ride until your friends find out…. yeah I know couldn’t help it

  • Ahhhh that old joke

    “Fat chicks are like mopeds… fun till ya friends see you riding one! “

    Yeah, kinda like that!

  • Jared

    I think they’d be better served copying the eastern woods bike. That bb is gonna be noodly. At least the ewr frame has chainstays for support.


    Starfuckers always puts out a beautiful looking product. hopefully it lives up to the quality of their other stuffs.

  • my double toe clips broke in two days. not a good track record for me.

  • I can’t figure why the track ends are almost vertical


    Didnt even notice those track ends. whats up with that?

  • Joseph

    It’s made in Taiwan……

  • TOM


  • Matt

    I think they put the drop outs like that so when you use the front fork drop outs which have a shorter axle to crown than the 0 rake drop outs you can lower the back to to get proper geometry. I mean look how the bottom bracket and dropouts are all the same height.

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