Feet Belts Promo! Mar 6, 2009

Feetbelts from E H on Vimeo.

More info here!

  • Where can I get these?

  • hmm…. http://www.feetbelts.com aint workin’

  • Feetbelts can be purchased through PayPal at http://www.myspace.com/feebelts . This is our temporary website and http://www.Feetbelts.com should be up and running sometime this month.

    Ben W.

  • http://www.feetbelts.com is one of those domain whore set ups with links to the makers of various kinds of belts. There is no actual sign of feetbelts, and a google search brings up this posting as it’s best match.

    I’m not clever, but I’m not a total mantard either.

  • scissorneck

    robot- I think im only saying this cause i was working on my bike and got three flats in a row and im crabby the ? was where can I get these duh… Theres a frecking link right in front of your face….read ok done feel better

    my bad prolly

  • Jon
  • Vanilla

    Power grips are making a comeback? Pretty cool. ^^Visit their myspace for more info.

  • awesome

    i have a pair of feetbelts and they’re great.

  • Yeah. Sorry for the dumbassery. I see now what was right in front of my face before. In my defense, I have children and sustain this sad life only through massive doses of caffeine and the white knuckle ride that is downtown Boston.