Down in North Cak Mar 5, 2009


Big, I mean small things have happened. 20″ wheelset.

AC, you’re nuts man!

  • BadSeed

    Hahah yo Zak! This is gettin more publicity than your Affinity… Somethin aint right. lol

  • dontcoast

    those cranks look like baaaaaaaad news in this picture

    3point spider, seem probably stamped, maybe even cottered

    don’t teach your grom how to skid on that thing.

    sweet bike though, but while 160 bulletproofs might be uglier that might be more reliable

    SWEET bike though. I’ll remember the inspiration when i build my kids their first fixed gear.

  • nate

    I backwards circled this jank at macaframa. it’s more fun that my my bike… ):

  • nickinwi

    yep, cottered cranks. meh for a kid, its ok. grown man, doin backflips, not so much.