Deeper Mar 12, 2009


Here’s some pics of the aforementioned Deeper V [aka the B43] from Velocity. Who’s going to go a whole 1mm or 1 whole cm deeper than this? I agree that they need to be wider though…


Everyone should ride polished aluminum disk wheels!

thanks Chris John!

  • Andrew

    Although I wouldn’t really ride anything wider than these (unless I was on my old crappy 10 speed), I agree, these are probably way too heavy to fill a void in the aero wheel market, and should be relegated to the bulletproof tank wheels that riders like yourself would use.

    Wake me up when aluminum rims look like this:

  • Guillaume

    They’re hot ! But I agree with Andrew, they are not oriented for the “I want f**kin’ deep, lightweight and fast wheel” market.

  • I think I’m going to ride this in back just so I can not care what i put my back wheel through… skid into things. and then the lightest front wheel I can muster.

  • I dunno man. I fuck my front wheel up more than my back coming down hard on 180’s and full / 540 cabs.

  • vin-E

    I looks nice…
    gonna have to try them out once they hit the market… do you know when?

  • Andrew

    John’s right, your front wheel bears a much greater beating.

  • Terry B

    Really? I hardly often true a front wheel. The rear wheels always get destroyed. I’d like to see if this rim can take abuse.
    for now I’m giving the 48h deep v a try.

  • If they are actually deep enough to get aero benefits, then weight isn’t much of an issue. It is widely acknowledged that aerodynamics trumps low weight, since low weight may help one accelerate but aerodynamics come into play at high speeds when wind resistance is much, much greater (it rises exponentially with speed, after all). Consider the stock standard of aero wheels, the Mavic iO and Comete, which weight 750 and 1100 grams each.

    Anyhoo, I do think that it’s a bit silly that Velocity seems to be responding to H+Son. I hope we’re not going to see “Build the Deepest V” competitions continue.