Damn Mar 9, 2009

TRAkTION Official Trailer from Chris Cusson on Vimeo.

You serious? Poseurs? Wrong choice of words. Classic example of the narcissism of small differences… Why be negative in a film project? Especially when you’re a new jack yourself. Shame.

Have at it kiddies.

  • ur a n8

    In a week I will have been riding for 37 seconds…I have twisted spokes and red nipples…I wish the posers would stay out of it.


  • whogivesafuck

    someone should smack his buckteeth back into his fucking skull with a headset press. posers living in socal riding in the suburbs. “I have red nipples and twisted spokes”. your mom should have aborted you after 7 months, but she kept you for longer than you’ll be riding. 9 whole months.

  • 420CHOAD$$$

    downtown long beach is soooo INDIEE

  • I remember when BMX freestyle measured cool by how many years you had been riding. Fuck people a bike rider is a bike rider, nothing more, nothing less. No one is going to get rich off this shit. Just ride…

  • In his defense, that Marlin guy was the only dude with any decent tricks, but…I am eagerly awaiting the full length. I imagine it will be 50% rider testimonial, including their back stories and setups, and 35% shop inventory. I’m hoping they leave the other 15% up to their imagination.

    I do hope they get some more outta handlebar mustache though, he seemed to be pretty filled in on the scene.

  • Council of Lame

    First Doom and now this? Socal blows.

  • James

    Haha, whatever man. New York (and the rest of the world for that matter) has(have) put too much work into creating an environment that supports races, events and the like to have something like this matter. Small squabbles aside, your blog and others have spent the last few years positively promoting bike related items and discussions.

    I feel that as much as this may seem like an affront to everything you and everyone else have worked hard towards creating, there’s little need to respond. Little guy’s words will haunt him for years to come, long after anyone can even remember. There’s no point in even hating on dude, he did a fine job of that himself.

  • James,

    I agree man. Foot in mouth is hard to cure. Thanks for the other commentators for making me laugh on this shitty Monday!

    Ride / Relax.

  • el grizz

    you know when you watch like the 8 oclock news and there’s an interview that cuts up a person and picks out the most racist or stereotypical few words they say? ouch.

    i know these guys.
    who the fuck edited this?

    long beach is ashamed.

    our apologies.


    ive been riding about 7 months and i still bend my knees in when i skid down the street on my leader

  • ez

    Imagine if “Search for Animal Chin” had a segment where Lance Mountain described his trucks, bearings, etc… or if “Whiskey” spent time interviewing some dude in a snowboard shop.

    Missing the goddamn point, I’d say. Being cool is for idiots and sheep.

  • martin coresese

    Poseur comment aside, these guys are just answering questions. They like riding bikes and talking about bikes like everyone else. Let blame be cast on the film’s director/editor who didn’t realize he would jeopardize any riding cred they had earned for themselves by airing the answers.

  • Andrew P

    Well put EZ.

    Does being new to something make someone a poseur? That would, by default, make everyone poseurs at one time or another.

    Riding a bike is fun. I hope people drop the elitist thing soon because it deters others from starting, which is, to some extent, our collective end game.

  • I have been riding for 7 months, next month it will be 8 months.. Really next month will make it 8 months.. Ugh..

  • I have been riding for 7 months, next month it will be 8 months.. Really next month will make it 8 months.. Ugh..

  • tac towns finest

    i used to work at hipster central in longbeach(the red room bar) and everyone has that “even though ive only been doing this for acouple years im a fuckin OG” attitude. longbeach is all style no substance but the same can be said for most major cities.

  • Broseph

    Thanks for posting a thread. It’s cool to see Greg Straightedge posted a comment, he and I were at UBI a couple years ago and he’s mad cool.
    As for the kids in this video (and so many others), it seems like they don’t grasp the irony that the “posers” they hate on are the same kids calling them posers and hating on other fixed gear riders. Too much hate, not enough chicks.
    When are the ladies going to put out a video?

  • Ladies!? Where you at?

    Actually, either the lack of naked men or the presence of naked women drove them off a while back…


  • I didn’t think it was possible to make a movie worse than Fast Friday.


  • those guys look stupid. lb looks stupid. socal looks stupid.

  • kale

    Stereotypical SoCals. It could be worse… they could be rocking Famous Stars and Straps and stunner shades (with lenses).

  • tex

    wow, i feel almost embarassed to ride my fixed now cause of these toys

  • covetedacclaim

    lol at all these comments! some dude at my school made this for his film class, therefore there will won’t be a full length, Show Up.

    also, and i rode with the dude who said “posers need to stay out of it” once…i don’t click with him or his dumb hipster perspective. he’s one of those fucks with a “im hard cause my bikes chromed out” persona with his unoriginal bianchi pista that everybody seems to have and prego girlfriend.

    i go to UC Irvine and i fucking hate it!! i’m from san francisco and people have such a better, more positive outlook on life, and when you tell them your hobbies or passions, they support it. down in socal, nobody seems to give a fuck about anybody else, nor do they think about what they say.

    those are my two cents

  • so i went to watch this video and the dude took it off. so i tried to pull a fast one and go watch on youtube and he did the same. you guys must of got this guy shook. haha. thanks prolly for having one of the dopest sites out there. peace

  • HolyGeez

    Boys Boys Boys. How can you all jump on the “poseur” kid? I mean yes, that soundbite definitely raped him, but he’s a very nice guy. I have class with him. So coveted, hush. I bet you’re the type who wears bright keffiyeh scarves and fitted caps on the daily like you’re cute. Blech. Everyone gets disappointed when a person randomly picks up a sport for its appearance and milks it for all of the “cred” that it is worth – only to drop it. This brings other people’s interest/passion for the sport into question. I like boys who ride simply because they love the sport – you know, like eating Apple Jacks because you “eat what you like”? I can agree with his idea, just not his wording. Also boys, can we maintain some bi-coastal love for the greater good? Because I appreciate all of you for keeping those asses tight with your mashing. :)

  • vin-E

    None of this matter because all of you are wanna be’s and I’m the real thing….
    get over it guys…

  • felltoskoit

    who ever interviewed these people weren’t very good. why would you post anything like this? what a waste of time…

    put in whats good and cut the crap! no need to embarrise the kids…