Caspa – Everybody’s Talking, Nobody’s Listening Mar 19, 2009


Oh Shit. Oh Shit. Oh Shit. Caspa is dropping his full-length in April. I hate to say it, but the torrent has leaked and I couldn’t resist. All I will say is this album brings Dubstep all the way from the humid, hot basements of London to the world in furious beats and vocal blasts!

Look at that list of cameos. MC Dynamite, Rod Azlan, Uncle Sam and Beezy. D1 even helped him out on Victoria’s Secret. Both Ave It EPs have been shaking speaker boxes for a bit now and this LP is going to tear down the house. Marmite is reminiscent of the older Dubstep roots while Lon-Don City could easily be played on the radio.

Here’s the track list:

01. Intro
02. Low Blow
03. The TakeOver (feat. MC Dynamite)
04. Marmite
05. Riot Powder Intro (feat. Rod Azlan)
06. Riot Powder
07. Lon-Don City (feat. Uncle Sam)
08. The Terminator
09. Rat-A-Tat-Tat (feat. MC Dynamite)
10. Victoria’s Secret (feat. D1)
11. I Beat My Robot
12. Disco Jaws (feat. Beezy)
13. Back To ’93

Buy this album when it drops!

  • Marmite just tears up the dance! Rat-A-Tat-Tat’s also another killer!

  • space-cliff

    oh god. ooooh god.

  • space-cliff

    me and caspa have officially rocked the same mishka jacket also.

  • a part of me doesn’t want to spoil it for myself in 128, but most of me can’t resist..

  • Dude, you should peeps Rusko too.

  • sebastian

    I miss rubber chicken :S

  • I know all about Rusko.

    just flip through here

  • sebastian

    so we are making recomendations.

    dude, you really should read 2666, is the fucking best book of 2004. ehh, sorry best book of 2008 for you english people ;)

    and by the way, I don’t get how you mix dubstep with that gay metal music, lol

  • Nice! I like you more and more with every blog you blog. Haha.

  • Sebastian, dubstep? you mean dudestep?


  • space-cliff


  • Ben

    Album launch party at Fabric this Friday, sickness on the way.

  • Jasper

    What Mishka jacket is that?