Bike Snob Today Mar 10, 2009


As per yesterday’s entry on TrakTION, Bike Snob made a pretty good post today. Make sure you head over and read it. I’m not saying I agree with him 100% (Ed Repka designed that shirt FOR Mishka btw), but it’s worth reading. Even a Feetbelts plug! Congrats guys. Once Snob pokes at you, you’re destined for fame.

Read TrakTION’s apology here. As I said. Keep it positive and Ride/Relax.

I had to close comments on the previous post because the Russians got wind of it and sent their spam bots over!

  • vin-E!!!

    honestly I don’t see why the dude has to apologize. Let’s let this scene grow not segment it into little pieces and let it fizzle out. It’s like we need press secretary’s and pr officials to run through our opinions before we put it out. remember its ride/RELAX…

    *this comment was edited by smith, kline & anderson public relations group. however, we claim no responsibility for the backlash resulting from the opinions of the author*

  • mr. poopypants

    DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT step foot in Brighton. Word all over town is that as far as the Rooskies are concerned, you’re borscht!

  • vin-E

    wheres brighton??

  • 2-63-54

    This is why I never screw/masturbate while seeking any third party approval.
    It’s between me, my choice of bike, and the pure pleasure of the ride.