Being Nicer Mar 8, 2009


The NYTimes has an editorial on “The Wild Bunch” – urban cyclists. Typically the writers of stories like these don’t ride in the City and depict the views of pedestrians more than cyclists. Robert Sullivan offers a great perspective on being a cyclist in NYC and the constant battles with cars and pedestrians. “No wonder they hate us”…

Oh yeah, that’s Tone rocking the Mishka jacket and riding an Affinity Low Pro!

Check out the excerpt below:

When I got to Atlantic Avenue, a street I would be nervous about crossing if I were in an armored vehicle, I stopped to wait for the light as a helmetless man, riding with his child on a seat, weaved wobbly between me, the taxi and the pedestrians trying to cross, uttering not even an “on your right.” He pulled silently out into traffic, stopping halfway across the intersection to let a tractor-trailer wail by before he finished crossing against the light, the toddler in back thinking heaven knows what.

Meanwhile, another biker was about to pass him, and pedestrians in the intersection now scattered like deer. And I was thinking, “No wonder they hate us.”

Because they do hate us, they being nonbikers and us being bikers.

  • matts

    Definitely a funny article. However, rather on point(in some cases). Blowing stop signs/stop lights doesn’t only add to your ‘street cred’, but, to your stupidity. Essentially if you think about it, it is the same thing as blowing a sign/light in a car. I’m no role model, i normally don’t wait at lights on bicycle. But full out blowing them/not looking is wack. Basically i’m just agreeing with the article…bikers need to be more safe.

  • the way I look at it:


    Are ALL the same. In a city where the car dominates, we’re all to be given the right of way. If you’re a pedestrian and you jaywalk, that’s the same as a cyclist running a red. We’re ALL left open to exposure and we’re all moving by the power of our two feet, not a combustion engine. When you jaywalk / run a red, you’re doing so at your own expense!

    Still in northeastern EU countries, cyclists always have the right of way.

  • nice Affinity Lo Pro frame!

  • kale

    Wow. An article in the NYT about cycling that’s pretty on point and not in the style section.

    And a little humility:

    “…riding a sleek, fixed-gear frame bike that I myself am too uncool to even adequately describe.”