All-City Frame Mar 2, 2009


All-City has dropped a beautiful steel frame. I’m not even going to begin to explain the details, because you can see them all here!



Well done man. Looks gorgeous. Love the head badge and the rear brake bridge!

  • sc

    classic style – love it!

  • 5.0

    Is that the Brooklyn bridge in the dropouts?

  • I’m guessing since All City is based in Minneapolis, that it’s some landmark there. Definitely not the BK Bridge.

  • Andrew

    Especially digging that fork.

  • Carney

    it’s the Hennepin bridge; connects downtown to the northeast neighborhoods of the city

  • scissorneck

    its the bridge that I smoke pot under and rape trolls and do pedal grinds on a rock..

  • Nate-or-die

    That white crank is the bee’s knee’s.

  • Looks like somebody didn’t read that tech article on senselessly laser cutting your fork ends…

    Bike looks A-C-E though…

    I’ll post a link when I find it again…

  • dontcoast

    whoa! a tasteful paint job!
    thanks for not being neon, all city.

  • nutmegwolf

    Yeah, I too saw the article on needless fork cutting. Loss of integrity, gaining a bridge? But who knows…I would personally watch out for the area where the sky line meets the seat stays.

  • scissorneck

    Its a track bike not a trick bike, that bridge is rad And i bet it could hold all year long on a track….Just wait for the all city trick frame..That you can hop on…props on the laser cut henn. bridge.

  • Jeff from All-City

    In regards to the comments about the dropouts: The dropout on this prototype was waterjet cut. The production dropouts however will be completely stainless steel and investment cast. They will be 5mm thick at the bridge area and 6mm thick at the wheel mount. They were intentionally overbuilt since we plan on carrying them over to the trick frame as well. There may be some companies who remove material without an eye towards durability, but rest assured that we are not one of them. Those dropouts were built to last, and if we didn’t feel we could add the cutouts and maintain strength, then we wouldn’t have done it. This bike was lovingly designed by people who ride everyday. We have the same concerns and ask the same questions that you would. The last thing we want to deal with are frames breaking at the dropout (or anywhere for that matter) and have taken the necessary steps to ensure that won’t happen. 5mm is plenty thick with this design.

  • Jay

    Hey Jeff,

    I appreciate you commenting from All-City. I guess this settles the debate!

    I personally think those dropouts looks spectacular.

  • vin-E

    I cannot wait to get me one o them bikes to do mah trix n shiiit on…..