26″ Steez Mar 8, 2009

KNS.Lo in Kobe city from KNS.Lo on Vimeo.

Great video. It’s pretty safe to say that Tom La Marche could do most of this on his fixed gear. A year ago, people were blown away at him doing 3 taps. Now everyone can do 3 taps. 8 months ago, people were going apeshit over his nose mannies… You see where I’m going. It may take a bit, but sometime in the near future, you’ll see people doing these tricks on fixed gears.

thanks to FixPatrix for the heads!

  • Guillaume

    Pretty sick!!!

  • James

    I don’t mean to bring the hate or anything, but people are killing it way harder than this on 26″ wheels in any freeride or trials video you want to pull off of vimeo or youtube. Doing it on singlespeed with pegs doesn’t make it special, though if you want to see singlespeed tricks on bigger bikes there are always about a million BMX cruiser 24″ vids out there.

    Some of this is pretty impressive just for how much bike he is throwing around, but sloppy 180’s and 360’s get boring fast.

  • Tracko

    No comment…