Superprecise Shirts Feb 17, 2009


Superprecise is out of London. Not really sure if it’s a company or just someone making shirts, but I really like what they’re doing.


These pedal shirts look awesome! For ordering information, go here!

  • whoa i’ve never seen double straps put on that way. is that common?

  • Yes, that is the proper way to lace doubles while track racing. Supports the arch of your foot better. Not ideal for the street though.

  • HEY. I’m just someone making shirts for friends and associates. I hope to push it further in the Summer. These are a first stab. £14.

    Glad you like it, I’ll keep you posted in future.

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  • fausto

    This is actually incorrect… the strap tabs are supposed to go the other way, if you follow the instructions. With slotted shoes you had to put your foot in and then pull the straps up to tighten. This is exactly upside down, though lots of people do it this way now a days. The straps could then be tucked in.

    If you’ve ever picked up a vintage set of Christope’s or Zefal’s it shows you.

  • Superprecise

    Hi again, this is how they came out: