Supernaut Feb 5, 2009


A while back I posted the Hutchinson ad that Daniel Leeb at Cinecycle worked on for the tire company. Alfred Bobe was the lead male role in the commercial and even though he’s riding a Masi in it, he’s been sponsored for 3 years by Tonic Fabrication.

You can see the bike in action in the 5 Boro Generals Monster Track DVD. The frames come in 6 sizes and are built for the streets. I spoke with Landon over a few email exchanges and got a sense for the company’s background. He’s got a new fork in the mix for the Supernaut, so keep an eye on their site!

  • jayjay

    Who makes the wheelset in that photo? I’ve seen this picture a bunch and have never been able to find out.

  • Looks like a chub to a carbon clincher.

  • Vas

    tonic fab are amazing. Landon for prez.

  • crakg

    prolly there is one of those in the basement of affinity that frame that was quinns.

  • nick

    Nice to see these in full production finally. I remember trying to get my hands on one back in late 2005 when a buddy of mine was riding the second prototype ever. The wait before they started producing them was at least 6 months though, so I went with something else.

  • nick

    Here’s the prototype I was speaking of.

  • mightychin

    I have a lot of things on the up so I understand the confusion… point of correction: Monstertrack DVD is from Play In Traffic Productions and is available at

    Big up yur self prolls for shout!

    and shameless plug time:
    Monstertrack X is coming! 2/28. NYC. for info.